FEELLiFE Develops The Synthetic Nicotine “ReNico”

- Jun 21, 2017-

  As we all know,smoking is bad for health. When talking about the risks of smoking, most of us will think of the risks of nicotine. Nevertheless, with the development of science, more and more people realize that it is not nicotine that is the most harmful part of cigarette, but tar, carbon monoxide and other hazardous substances after burning. Nicotine is addictive, once using it, it’s hard to restrain yourself, repeated use of nicotine will increase heartbeat speed and blood pressure then decrease appetite. Using large amount of nicotine can cause nausea and vomiting, even death.Therefore, people dare not to talk about nicotine.

      E-cigarette, a newly tobacco product as an alternative to cigarette, with e-liquid also including nicotine. Only adding nicotine in e-cigarette e-liquid, you can get “Strike throat feeling”, which is more like the cigarette. At the same time, more and more people doubt whether e-cigarette is healthy when e-liquid in it including nicotine.

synthetic nicotine

 FEELLiFE is a world-famous e-liquid brand manufacturer, its products are sold to Europe and America based more than 30 countries. It is obvious that FEELLiFE makes a great success in e-cigarette e-liquid field, it not only has international standard CNAS lab and is selected as the typical case study base of electronic cigarette industry by Shenzhen Institute of Tsinghua University, but also obtains a large amount of certificates such as cGMP,ISO22000,FDA, TPD, etc.  For all this, FEELLiFE is still constantly exploring and developing. To eliminate the potential harm of nicotine, FEELLiFE particularly establishes FEELLiFE Life Medicine Research Institute and makes any effort to deal with the problem for e-cigarette lovers.

FEELLiFE synthetic nicotine

After numerous days and nights of dedicated research and hard struggle, finally FEELLiFE develops synthetic nicotine, called ReNico, which means Replace Nicotine. This development is a cross-cutting achievement that will revolutionize the e-cigarette industry. Therefore, the potential harm of e-cigarette will be reduced again.

     Generally, commonly known nicotine is extracted from tobacco, its safety is questioned. However ReNico from FEELLiFE is obtained through the theory of organic and pharmaceutical synthesis, with the appropriate chemical reagents as the starting material, in a specific reaction conditions, after one or more steps of chemical reaction orientation and obtained.

    Shenzhen FEELLIFE Co., Ltd. which uses advanced pharmaceutical synthesis equipment, through the synthesis of high-tech technology, produced the synthetic nicotine which is the high-purity and high content of the material.

synthetic nicotine ReNico

Compared with the tobacco extraction nicotine, ReNico from FEELLIFE has many unique advantages such as:

     (1) ReNico is the purest, cleanest nicotine available not derived from tobacco leaf, stem, or waste dust, therefore, ReNico does not have so much impurity like tobacco extraction nicotine, nor does it contain a tobacco alkaloid that may be carcinogenic to human body.

    Tobacco is a plant that contains nicotine in addition to nicotine and contains many other alkaloids. Extraction of nicotine from tobacco, in addition to the extraction of nicotine, but also inevitably extracts other alkaloids at the same time. ReNico which uses high-tech synthetic process for directional synthesis, almost without impurities, it is the high purity of the material, so it is “pure and healthy.”

     (2)ReNico is virtually tasteless and odorless, dramatically improves e-juice flavors, while providing the same biological impact as tobacco derived nicotine. When adding the tobacco extraction nicotine, it will taste very complex and harsh because it contains a lot of impurities and other alkaloids.

      The e liquid which adds synthetic nicotine”ReNico”, it will taste more pure and refreshing than the one which add tobacco extraction nicotine. ReNico can let you make an e-cigarette which really contains no nicotine.

Tobacco derived nicotineSynthetic nicotine “ReNico”
extractionExtracted from plants grown in fields around the worldReNico is synthesized in a certified laboratory.
puritySeveral impurities to include:Anatabine,B-nicotyrine,Cotinine, Myosmine,Nicontine-N-Oxide, Nornicotine, AnabasineExtremely clean and pure nicotine devoid of many residual tobacco compounds
tasteStrong pungent odor and taste. Affects the flavor profile of e-juice hindering the ability to add enough nicotine to satisfy the consumerVirtually tasteless and odorless, does not affect the flavor profile of e-juice allowing for the addition of a higher nicotine content


     FEELLiFE believes when adding synthetic nicotine in e-liquid, not only the taste can be improved, but only the questioned harm of e-cigarette will be greatly reduced. It is a major breakthrough, also a big thing for e-cigarette industry.

     Therefore, if ReNico can remove the label of harming health of e-cigarette, how do you think of it?