FEELLIFE MEDICAL Sparkles At CMEF Exhibition In Shanghai

- May 18, 2017-

The 77th China International Medical Equipment Fair (hereinafter referred to as CMEF) is already in full swing in Shanghai, China. As a worldwide brand of high-tech medical equipment, FEELLIFE MEDICAL has gained booming popularity on the first day and sparkles at Booth 4.1 J06 of Wisdom & Health Area.


Since listing, child nebulizer of FEELLIFE MEDICAL has been winning the favor of numerous agents for its professional and intimate design. A variety of agents and theaters have rated it as a close partner for child’s healthy breathing. At exhibition site, child nebulizer of FEELLIFE MEDICAL really lived up to expectations and quickly attracted the attention of many viewers and the media. Lots of exhibitors came to consult and experience.

CMEF Shanghai exhibition

The chief R & D designer of FEELLIFE MEDICA child nebulizer said that compared to adults, child’s respiratory tract is more narrow, and atomized particles can’t access to the lower respiratory tract and then be absorbed by alveolar until the size of atomized particles is below 2.5μm. The child’s breathing frequency is also different from adult’s. It will cause a cough during atomization if atomization rate above 0.3ml/min.

medical nebulizer

The present condition is that hospital atomizer is bulky and noisy, which makes children irritable and afraid of atomizing. In contrast, our child nebulizer is just made for child. With adorable cartoon shape, lower noise design and gentle music accompanying during the atomization process, child nebulizer of FEELLIFE MEDICAL helps children overcome any weakness, any despair and any fear, and lets atomization full of laughter and happiness. Portable atomizer of FEELLIFE MEDICAL also pursues intelligence. The operation is very simple and convenient: add liquid medicine as needed; one button switch machine, thus both the elderly and the children can easily operate. With a mask or mouthpiece, you can easily enjoy the healthy breathing of atomization. 

mesh nebulizer

It is understood that other products such as AeroCentre controlled by APP + wifi and atomized liquid Air Mask+ ushered in many exhibitors’ favor. The fiery popularity attracted CCTV and the head of FEELLIFE Medical was interviewed at the exhibition site. 

nebulizer cooperation

Promoting medical nebulizer into the family, benefiting thousands of patients suffering from respiratory diseases and solving the problem of medical treatment, potable nebulizer of FEELLIFE MEDICAL lets atomization anytime and anywhere become reality.

child nebulizer