FEELLiFE – Perfection Brings Popularity

- May 20, 2017-

FEELLiFE – Perfection brings Popularity

FEELLiFE is dynamic in medical

FEELLiFE usa factory

In recent years, with the implementation of public smoking bans in major cities of China, electronic cigarettes are gradually known by many smokers and are widely used for smoking cessation and tobacco use. Although there are all kinds of electronic cigarettes in the market looking cool, the core element that really matters to health and using experience relies on the E-liquid. However, due to the greatly various regulation and standards in electronic cigarette industry, a large part of manufacturers ignore normal production standards and qualifications, adding prohibited additives and not providing any quality inspection report. Moreover, they stole the packing design from known brands and put them into market with low price to ruin the whole electronic cigarette industry. As one of the world’s largest OEM & ODM supplier of E-liquid, Feellife Medical Inc has been committing to produce and export high-quality products. In the perspective of human health as well as the whole industry’s ecological development, Feellife undertakes the responsibility of presenting how we make E-liquid.


We Show Sincerity Through Technology

Science & technology is important productivity of human progress and social development. How Feellife do to achieve consistent high quality guarantee on assembly line during continuous production? The most advanced manufacturing technology and strict quality supervision system are the key factors on which Feellife spent numberless manpower and material resources to ensure a first-class level E-liquid production environment.

(1) A 12,000-square-meter modern factory meets the standards of GMP and ISO22000 management practices;

(2) 3 full-automatic filling lines and 6 semi-automatic filling lines with FDA certification issued by the Food and Drug Administration of the United states;

(3) 6 carbon dioxide super-critical extraction equipment and the molecular distillation equipment made in Germany meet the industry’s top extraction technology requirements.

(4) A series of top E-liquid testing equipment (GC gas chromatograph, GC-MS gas chromatograph and mass spectrometry, Agilent LC vapor liquid chromatograph detector etc.) to keep tracking of the whole production process. On the basis of accurate analysis and monitoring of raw materials and finished products in NT, diethylene glycol, plasticizer, aroma, color, density, viscosity, refractive index, nicotine content, we manage to ensure the absolute stability on taste, color, aroma and chemical reaction of every drop of the E-liquid.


NOTE: With world’s leading production technology & equipment as well as quality control system, FEELIFE achieves over 50 copies of the international authoritative certification test reports and certificates issued by authorities including SGS、STC. With strict manufacturing management, FEELLIFE manages to ensure at least 100,000pcs output of high-quality E-liquid on a daily basis.


We Show Sincerity Through Ingenuity 

Good E-liquid contains not only rational quality but also perceptual quality that understands user’s requests. With 2 using assessors, 5 top flavorists and 32 engineers, we set up an experienced R&D team to continuing quality development. Every year, we have R&D members going to Bordeaux in France for studying wine tasting which we believe will help the integrated and divergent thinking by Chinese and western mixed-style tasting practices. It is what Feellife believe that only with the ingenuity of making wine can we make supreme E-liquid and gain lasting royalty from customers.

Relying on strong R&D ability, Feellife continuously introduce up to 1000 new product series to market, including solid E-liquid, hookah, cigarette paste etc., fully meets the request of different customers home and abroad. What’s more, like a glass of wine, Feellife can be tasted its quality by color, fragrance, inhaling and recollecting.

(1) Color: Feellife E-liquid looks clean, pure and non-tainted.

(2) Fragrance: Feellife E-liquid smells fresh, elegant and heart-touching.

(3) Inhaling: Feellife E-liquid tastes mellow, smooth and gentle.

(4) Recollecting: Feellife E-liquid feels fragrant, pleasant, and satisfying.


We Show Initial Minds Through Innovation

Synthetic Nicotine

Innovation always has been our weapon to keep pace with the fast-developing Internet era. In order to make natural healthy E-liquid tasting 100% alike to traditional cigarette to bring pleasant and satisfying experience in electronic cigarette smoking, Feellife R&D elites finally extract the very alike nicotine substitute from vegetables and fruits — Synthetic Nicotine which tastes like nicotine but harmless. It is for what we got original NO-NicoTM patent!

Under intensive study on nicotine’s impact on neuro, scientists found out some of its therapeutic value on Parkinson, Alzheimer and ulcerative colitis etc.. Many E-liquid remains strong nicotine bioactivity extracted from tobacco, while synthetic nicotine will be inactive as long as any spot in genome was changed, greatly lowering down smokers’ addiction to nicotine and also, it tastes better. Feellife Medical Inc has been committed to the R&D of this core technology which has been trying to put into new E-liquid recipe.

Medical Device

Domestic-used nebulizer is recommended by BTS (British Thoracic Society), NAMDRC (National Association of Medical Direction of Respiratory Care) and ERS (European Respiratory Society). Nebulization deposits medicine on alveoli, cleaning lungs especially of smokers with long-termed use. LFS Medical Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Feellife Medical Inc., specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of medical devices, LFS Medical devoted to “the third way of dosing to human cause” and set up its factories in Los Angels in America and Shenzhen and Huizhou city in China. With the most advanced technology of “Lithium titanate battery powered system, Titanium alloy technology and microchip”, we manufacture smart and portable, safe and healthy medical nebulization devices with ingenuity for which we sold to over 50 countries and regions and gained popularity from users home and abroad.  



Founded in Shenzhen in 2009, built up plants in U.S. In 2013, constructed the first CNAS lab in China for E-liquid R&D in 2014 and being the pioneer and regulator of E-liquid industry standard in China in 2015, Feellife Medical devotes itself to the service of smokers and became a branded enterprise of E-liquid exporting. Feellife products have been sold to over 36 countries and regions, making it a popular OEM & ODM supplier to branded E-liquid enterprises in Europe and America. Meanwhile, LFS Medical has sold its products to over 50 countries and regions and gained popularity from users home and abroad. In the days ahead, Feellife Medical will continue sticking to its ingenuity and innovation spirit to build a brighter and more prosperous future!