The Difference Between Electronic Cigarettes And Cigarettes

- Nov 22, 2018-

1. Different raw materials

E-cigarettes: E-cigarettes are microelectronics products with atomizers, lithium batteries and cartridges. Although some models simulate the taste of smoke, they are a non-combustible smoke substitute.

Real smoke: The raw material for real cigarettes is tobacco, a widely grown herb that can be used to make cigarettes, dry tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars, etc.

2. Different smoke

E-cigarette: Unlike the reaction mechanism of traditional cigarettes, the smoke of e-cigarettes is water vapor, which has a large smoke and a small particle size.

Traditional cigarettes: Traditional cigarettes are smog, which is a property of solid particles. Therefore, the influence of their lungs is different. The larger the particles, such as PM2.5, the person sucks to the lungs, which is very good for the human body. Great harm.

3. Different tastes

E-cigarettes: E-cigarettes have thousands of flavors to choose from, cigarette flavor, fruit flavor, etc., better e-cigarettes, their smoke is relatively large, the taste is also good, so that smokers feel very real, Personal advice If you choose smoke oil, choose a regular product is more secure.

Traditional cigarettes: Cigarettes give users more of a single tobacco taste.