What Are The Ingredients In The Smoke Oil?

- Nov 22, 2018-

The composition of smoke oil: mainly propylene glycol PG, glycerol / vegetable glycerin VG, food flavor, nicotine, taste additives.

1. Propylene glycol PG: common raw materials in life, such as cakes, lipsticks, and hand sanitizers. The main function of PG in tobacco oil is to dissolve flavor, generate a small amount of mist, produce throat sensation and dilute smoke oil. Viscosity.

2. Glycerol VG: Also known as vegetable glycerin, the main role in the smoke oil is to produce smoke, so the partner who wants the big smoke should choose the high VG component of the smoke oil.

3. Fragrance: Fragrance is the soul of smoke oil, which determines the taste of smoked oil, and is divided into domestic flavors and imported flavors.

4. Nicotine: At present, the chemical industry evaluates it in two ways, which is degrading because it is carcinogenic; it is also considered to be non-toxic because the solanaceae plants also contain not low nicotine, such as tomatoes and hazelnuts. The carcinogenic components of cigarettes are believed to be tar and carbon monoxide, as well as other trace amounts of toxic substances.

5. Taste additives: The role of smoke oil is to improve the taste or taste of the smoke oil. Common examples include: throat remedies, which can make the oil into the throat smoother and less irritating; sweeteners increase the sweetness of the smoky oil; sweeteners can reduce the "sweetness" of the inlet of the smoky oil, ethyl malt Phenol, aroma, etc.