Black Devil(Dark Devil) E Liquid

Black Devil(Dark Devil) E Liquid

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: SHENZHEN, CHINA (Mainland) weight: 23g puffs:up to 500 puffs size: 118mm length for the tube: 170mm length for the pen: 131mm color: customized Certificate: CE ROHS FCC flavors: feellife fruit flavor, feellife nicotine salt , feellife vitamin B12 or...
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Nicotine free Feellife Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID from Tobacco Series By Feellife


Concentrated Flavors Black Devil concentrate

For a black devil e liquid

Devil flavored cigarettes inspire us which is made in China, Feellife Black Devil(Dark Devil) e liquid flavor is a pronounced dark tobacco and Feellife nicotine and free nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) concludes with sweet notes.

      * Arom-Team review: an excellent brown classic tobacco concluding on caramelized honey notes that temper the strength and persistence of tobacco taste.

An appreciable concentrate on its own as well as in gourmet recipe, which requires a sufficient maturation time.

This flavor contains tobacco absolute and extract.


Capacity: 10ml,15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg/g,  8mg/g,  12mg/g,  18mg/g,  24mg/g

Ingredients: Herbal extract/Glycerol/ Propylene glycol/Flavorings/Nicotine

Bottle type: Child proof cap

Package: top-grade plastic package

Certificates: TUV, MSDS, JRFL, ISO, FDA, GMP, SGS

We produce : Feellife free nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID from tobacco series

Feellife 10ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength 8mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength12mg from tobacco series

Feellife 60ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength 16mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength 18mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength 24mg from tobacco series


FEELLIFE Tobacco Series

We want to create the best Tobacco Series e-Liquids possible. Here is our classic Tobacco Series Range: the finest, premium quality, all-natural and pharmaceutically approved ingredients. This is the reason why we are known worldwide for our first-class products.

All e-Liquids undergo independent quality control and are GCC and TPD compliant, with many international certificates. Our production line uses only high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredients. In order to encompass the best flavours possible, we obtain from raw fruit extracts and genuine tobacco extracts. The ingredients used in our products promote the precise taste and natural elements which is to define our Silver Label flavours.

Tobacco Series FEATURES:

Feellife uses only high-quality and environment-friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances.


  • Made in      China

  • Molecular      technology secures natural extracts

  • High-quality      pharmaceutical grade solvents

  • Natural      flavour extracts

  • Fully      TPD Compliant

  • Huge      range of flavours



                                                     FEELLIFE INTRODUCTION

Since set up in 2009, FEELLiFE has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the top global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world.

With modern international standard factory, pharmaceutical grade dust-free workshop and assembly line, FEELLiFE make sure every bottle of e-liquid to meet the requirements of high quality.

Feellife USA Feellife 10ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength12mg from tobacco series



 Factory Address:  202 North California Ave, City of Industry CA 91744 U.S.A.

China factory


 Feellife China Factory Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E juice strength12mg from tobacco seriesExhibition

Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E LIQUID strength 8mg from tobacco series E JUICE

 Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E juice strength 18mg from tobacco seriesFeellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E juice strength 24mg from tobacco seriesFeellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine Black Devil(Dark Devil) E juice strength 16mg from tobacco series




Industry News


The “Let’s demand smarter vaping regulation!” European Citizens’ Initiative

 nicotine-salt-ejuice-eliquid1 Black Devil(Dark Devil)


European Citizens’ Initiatives were launched as an agenda-setting tool in the hands of citizens in April 2012, upon the entry into force of the European Citizens’ Initiative Regulation which implements the Treaty provisions. Once formally registered, a European Citizens’ Initiative allows one million citizens from at least one quarter of EU Member States, to invite the EC to make regulatory changes in areas that are under its jurisdiction.

The Initiative “Let’s demand smarter vaping regulation!”, was created by 7 EU citizens who are residents of 7 different European Union countries, and is funded by the Imperial Brands Brussels Office. It urges the EC to remove vaping products from the TPD, and “create a standalone, proportionate and evidence-based regulatory environment that:

·  Allows smokers to have access to accurate and credible information about the relative safety of vaping versus smoking;

·  Helps smokers access vaping products that can effectively help them transition out of tobacco;

·   Allows flavoured vaping liquids;

·   Prevents access by young people to vaping products;

·   Ensures that marketing for vaping products does not target young people or non-smokers;

·   Reduces risks for consumers of vaping products by introducing robust manufacturing and product safety standards.”

This campaign, reflects the opinions of numerous public health and tobacco harm reduction experts and researchers. In fact, in the UK alone, data released last Summerby the Office for National Statistics had indicated a change in the positive downward trend of smoking cessation rates that the country had been boasting. For the first time in years, an increase in adult smoking rates was witnessed, while the rapid growth in the numbers of people switching from smoking to vaping had dropped significantly.

Sadly this trend had even been predicted, partly due to the nonsensical TPD restrictions. Infact, anti-smoking experts have been explaining why a post-Brexit Britain should consider getting rid of the ineffective EU-wide e-cig regulations, which have led to this stall in progress.


The Campaign goes live in April

Thankfully, the EC has approved the “Let’s demand smarter vaping regulation!” and it is expected to go live next April.  Following this, a petition will be launched and the campaign organisers will have exactly 12 months to collect 1 million signatures, including a minimum number in at least 7 EU member states.

If all the signatures are collected and verified, the campaign organisers can submit their initiative and the EC will have another 3 months to meet with the organisers and discuss the initiative. Within this 3-month-period the organisers of the campaign will also have the opportunity to present their initiative at a public hearing in the European Parliament.

In a correspondence with the Vaping Post, one of the campaign organizers Philip Drögemüller, pointed out that even if it serves to raise awareness about the current e-cig regulations situation, the initiative will already be considered a success.  “Just as important, however, the ECI “Let’s demand smarter vaping regulation!” will be considered a success if it raises awareness about the current problems of unfair tobacco legislation and helps concerned citizens voice their opinions on a topic that could impact their daily lives.”


Post time: Mar-18-2019


Government says vaping 95% safer than smoking in push to get smokers to switch to e-cigarettes

 nicotine-salt-eliquid-vaping-juice-vape 10ml Black Devil(Dark Devil)



The government is launching a campaign to convince smokers vaping is a significantly less damaging alternative to smoking. 

Public Health England (PHE) says e-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than tobacco, but that fewer than half of smokers are aware of this fact. 

In a bid to counter “false fears” about vaping’s safety, a new film by PHE demonstrates how the toxic chemicals and tar inhaled by an average smoker in just one month compares with not smoking or using an e-cigarette.

The health agency released footage from an experiment to show the devastating harm caused by smoking and how this can be avoided by switching to vaping or using another type of aid to quit.

The film is being released online as part of PHE’s Health Harms campaign, which encourages smokers to try to quit this January by demonstrating the damage every single cigarette can do.

Research shows 44 per cent of smokers either wrongly believe vaping is as harmful as smoking or do not know that it poses much lower risks to health.

At least half a million smokers are expected to try to kick the habit this January and PHE is encouraging those who do to use its Personal Quit Plan to increase their chances of giving up for good.

The film features health experts Dr Lion Shahab and Dr Rosemary Leonard carrying out an experiment to visually demonstrate the high levels of cancer-causing chemicals and tar inhaled by an average smoker over a month compared with not smoking or using an e-cigarette.

The experiment mimics the effects of inhaling tobacco smoke, e-cigarette vape and normal air into the lungs, with the lungs represented by three bell jars filled with cotton wool.

Each bell jar is attached to a diaphragm pump providing a continual and equal draw of air through each bell jar – one set up to “smoke” tobacco cigarettes, another to “vape” e-cigarettes and the third used as the control with only air drawn through it.

By the end of the experiment, the cotton wool in the tobacco bell jar is brown, the inside of the bell jar is brown and the tube leading to the air pump is thick with tar.

In comparison, the cotton wool in the e-cigarette bell jar remains practically unchanged, with some water vapour on it and very slight discolouration from the colouring in the e-liquid.

The inside of the bell jar had a few droplets of water vapour, while the “control” bell jar is entirely unchanged.

PHE director of health improvement Professor John Newton said the experiment visually illustrates the stark contrast between the impacts of smoking and vaping.

Research estimates that, while not risk-free, vaping is at least 95 per cent less harmful than smoking.

Prof Newton said: “It would be tragic if thousands of smokers who could quit with the help of an e-cigarette are being put off due to false fears about safety.

“We need to reassure smokers that switching to an e-cigarette would be much less harmful than smoking.

“This demonstration highlights the devastating harms caused by every cigarette and helps people see that vaping is likely to pose only a fraction of the risk.

“We want to encourage more smokers to try and quit completely with the help of an e-cigarette, or by using other nicotine replacement such as patches or gum, as this will significantly improve their chances of success.

“If you’re trying to stop smoking, our free online Personal Quit Plan will help you find the support that’s right for you.”

Dr Shahab, a leading smoking cessation academic and associate professor in health psychology at University College London, said: “The false belief that vaping is as harmful as smoking could be preventing thousands of smokers from switching to e-cigarettes to help them quit.

“I hope this illustrative experiment helps people see the huge damage caused by smoking that could be avoided by switching to an e-cigarette.

“Research we and others have conducted shows that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and that using e-cigarettes on a long-term basis is relatively safe, similar to using licensed nicotine products, like nicotine patches or gum.

“Using e-cigarettes or nicotine replacement such as patches or gum will boost your chances of quitting successfully.”

Smoking increases the risk of developing more than 50 serious health conditions, including cancer and heart disease, and doubles the risk of dying from a stroke.

Of the 6.1 million smokers in England, six in 10 want to quit but many try to give up using willpower alone – or by going cold turkey – despite this being the least effective method.

The most successful attempts use a combination of effective stop-smoking support methods and recent research suggests that smokers who quit with the help of an e-cigarette are less likely to start smoking again.

PHE’s Personal Quit Plan is a quick, free and easy-to-use digital tool to help smokers find the right support to help them quit, taking into account how much they smoke and any quitting support used previously.

NHS GP Dr Leonard said: “I wanted to be involved in this experiment because every day I see the devastating impact that smoking has on people’s health but I rarely get the opportunity to actually show people what is happening inside their bodies when they smoke.

“I regularly give patients advice about quitting and when I recommend e-cigarettes I am often surprised to hear the misconceptions some people have about them.

“The results of this experiment clearly show that every cigarette you smoke causes tar to enter your body and spreads poison throughout your bloodstream.

Vaping is much less harmful than smoking and I really hope this experiment will encourage smokers to make a quit attempt. No matter how old you are, it’s never too late to stop.”

Public health minister Steve Brine said: “Tough government action has driven down smoking rates to a record low, but it remains our biggest preventable killer.

“The evidence is clear that e-cigarettes are far less harmful than smoking and they are the most popular quitting method in England. When paired with local stop-smoking services, they have some of the highest success rates.”

PHE said anyone who wants to try to quit smoking should search “Smokefree” on the internet to find the best way to suit them this new year.


Post time: Jan-22-2019