Djarum Super (Gardam) E Liquid

Djarum Super (Gardam) E Liquid

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: SHENZHEN, CHINA (Mainland) weight: 23g puffs:up to 500 puffs size: 118mm length for the tube: 170mm length for the pen: 131mm color: customized Certificate: CE ROHS FCC flavors: feellife fruit flavor, feellife nicotine salt , feellife vitamin B12 or...

Product Details

Nicotine free Feellife  Djarum Super (Gardam)  E LIQUID from Tobacco Series By Feellife

1 capactiy 10ml 30ml 60ml  nicotine free Feellife Djarum Super (Gardam) eliquid flavour from Tobacco Series

An appreciable concentrate on its own as well as in gourmet recipe, which requires a sufficient maturation time.

This flavor contains tobacco absolute and extract.


Capacity: 10ml,15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg/g,  8mg/g,  12mg/g,  18mg/g,  24mg/g

Ingredients: Herbal extract/Glycerol/ Propylene glycol/Flavorings/Nicotine

Bottle type: Child proof cap

Package: top-grade plastic package

Certificates: TUV, MSDS, JRFL, ISO, FDA, GMP, SGS

We produce :

Feellife free nicotine Djarum Super (Gardam) E LIQUID from tobacco series

Feellife 10ml nicotine Djarum Super (Gardam) E LIQUID strength 8mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Djarum Super (Gardam) E juice strength12mg from tobacco series

Feellife 60ml nicotine  Djarum Super (Gardam) E LIQUID strength 16mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine  Djarum Super (Gardam) E LIQUID strength 18mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Djarum Super (Gardam) EJUICE strength 24mg from tobacco series


FEELLIFE Tobacco Series

We want to create the best Tobacco Series e-Liquids possible. Here is our classic Tobacco Series Range: the finest, premium quality, all-natural and pharmaceutically approved ingredients. This is the reason why we are known worldwide for our first-class products.

All e-Liquids undergo independent quality control and are GCC and TPD compliant, with many international certificates. Our production line uses only high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredients. In order to encompass the best flavours possible, we obtain from raw fruit extracts and genuine tobacco extracts. The ingredients used in our products promote the precise taste and natural elements which is to define our Silver Label flavours.

Tobacco Series FEATURES:

Feellife uses only high-quality and environment-friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances.


  • Made in      China

  • Molecular      technology secures natural extracts

  • High-quality      pharmaceutical grade solvents

  • Natural      flavour extracts

  • Fully      TPD Compliant

  • Huge      range of flavours



                                                     FEELLIFE INTRODUCTION

Since set up in 2009, FEELLiFE has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the top global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world.

With modern international standard factory, pharmaceutical grade dust-free workshop and assembly line, FEELLiFE make sure every bottle of e-liquid to meet the requirements of high quality.

1 Feellife USA Feellife 10ml nicotine Djarum Super (Gardam) E LIQUID for electronical cigarettes strength12mg from tobacco series



 Factory Address:  202 North California Ave, City of Industry CA 91744 U.S.A.

China factory

 2 Feellife China Factory Feellife 30ml nicotine  Djarum Super (Gardam)  E juice strength12mg for ecigs from tobacco series




3 Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine  Djarum Super (Gardam) E LIQUID strength 8mg for disposable cigarettes from tobacco series E JUICE


Industry News

China: Tobacco Regulators Ask For Vaping Laws

 vaping-clouds9 Djarum Super (Gardam)


“We are currently calling for relevant departments to look into regulation for standardized control on e-cigarettes and prohibit its public use like tobacco,” says Zhang Jianshu, president of the Beijing Tobacco Control Association.

This call for regulations comes shortly after the renowned Air China vaping-related incident, which made international news. In China, there are currently no regulations pertaining to the use and production management of the devices. Zhang said that since e-cigarettes usually contain nicotine, they emit harmful second-hand smoke. However he is wrong.


Second-hand vapour carries no health risks

A new peer-reviewed study, has shown that exhaled e-vapour product particles are actually liquid droplets that evaporate within seconds. In line with what previous air samples have suggested, this indicates, that vaping probably has a minimal impact on indoor air quality.

“Particle size measurements showed that exhaled e-cigarette particles were smaller than those emitted during smoking conventional cigarettes and evaporated almost immediately after exhalation, thus affecting the removal of particles through evaporation rather than displacement by ventilation,” read the Abstract.

The study entitled “Characterisation of the Spatial and Temporal Dispersion Differences between Exhaled e-cigarette mist and Cigarette Smoke,” was published in the renowned journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research.


Philip Hammond must not slap a tax on vaping because it helps smokers quit, leading campaigners demand


 vaping-clouds9 Djarum Super (Gardam)

In an open letter to the Chancellor and Health Secretary Matt Hancock, think tanks and pressure groups called on the Government to support an anti-smoking policy that “embraces harm reduction”.

The letter said bringing in any tax on the habit would “undermine public health and be inconsistent with Government policy”.

The Sun revealed last week Treasury beancounters were looking at taxing Britain’s 2.9million vapers – who currently pay no levy on their habit.

Users typically spend around £275 a year on vaping fluid.

A five per cent tax would cost them £13.75 a year and raise almost £40million.

The letter is signed by the Center for Policy Studies, the Institute of Economic Affairs, the TaxPayers’ Alliance, the Adam Smith Institute, the UK Vaping industry Association, The Freedom Association and the New Nicotine Alliance.

It read: “We have noted concerning reports that the government is actively considering the imposition of a new tax on vaping products.

“We urge the government not to place additional taxes on vaping, a consumer-led product that has helped millions of people reduce or stop smoking and saved the health service money at no cost to the NHS.

“Such a tax would undermine public health and be inconsistent with government policy.”

The letter points out as well as saving the NHS cash from preventing people smoking, it is also bought by consumers while nicotine patches, gum or inhalers cost the NHS vast amounts and also receive a VAT reduction.

Public Health England have previously said any changes in pricing on vaping needs to ensure e- cigarettes are “affordable to smokers to avoid discouraging smokers from switching away from smoked tobacco which would be counter-productive in public health terms”.

Vaping is believed to be 95 per cent safer than cigarette smoking.

Around half of regular users said they used e-cigarettes in order to curb their smoking habit.



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