Flavorless E Liquid

Flavorless E Liquid

Overview Quick Details Place of Origin: SHENZHEN, CHINA (Mainland) weight: 23g puffs:up to 500 puffs size: 118mm length for the tube: 170mm length for the pen: 131mm color: customized Certificate: CE ROHS FCC flavors: feellife fruit flavor, feellife nicotine salt , feellife vitamin B12 or...

Product Details

Nicotine free Feellife Flavorless(no flavor) E LIQUID from Tobacco Series By Feellife


1 capactiy 10ml 30ml 60ml  nicotine free Feellife Flavorless(no flavor) eliquid flavour from Tobacco Series

An appreciable concentrate on its own as well as in gourmet recipe, which requires a sufficient maturation time.

This flavor contains tobacco absolute and extract.


Capacity: 10ml,15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml

Nicotine Strength: 0mg/g,  8mg/g,  12mg/g,  18mg/g,  24mg/g

Ingredients: Herbal extract/Glycerol/ Propylene glycol/Flavorings/Nicotine

Bottle type: Child proof cap

Package: top-grade plastic package

Certificates: TUV, MSDS, JRFL, ISO, FDA, GMP, SGS

We produce :

Feellife free nicotine Flavorless(no flavor)   E LIQUID from tobacco series

Feellife 10ml nicotine Flavorless(no flavor)  E LIQUID strength 8mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Flavorless(no flavor) E juice strength12mg from tobacco series

Feellife 60ml nicotine  Flavorless(no flavor)  E LIQUID strength 16mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Flavorless(no flavor)  E LIQUID strength 18mg from tobacco series

Feellife 30ml nicotine Djarum Super Flavorless(no flavor)  EJUICE strength 24mg from tobacco series


FEELLIFE Tobacco Series

We want to create the best Tobacco Series e-Liquids possible. Here is our classic Tobacco Series Range: the finest, premium quality, all-natural and pharmaceutically approved ingredients. This is the reason why we are known worldwide for our first-class products.

All e-Liquids undergo independent quality control and are GCC and TPD compliant, with many international certificates. Our production line uses only high-quality and environmentally friendly ingredients. In order to encompass the best flavours possible, we obtain from raw fruit extracts and genuine tobacco extracts. The ingredients used in our products promote the precise taste and natural elements which is to define our Silver Label flavours.

Tobacco Series FEATURES:

Feellife uses only high-quality and environment-friendly ingredients that are free of harmful substances.


  • Made in      China

  • Molecular      technology secures natural extracts

  • High-quality      pharmaceutical grade solvents

  • Natural      flavour extracts

  • Fully      TPD Compliant

  • Huge      range of flavours



                                                     FEELLIFE INTRODUCTION

Since set up in 2009, FEELLiFE has focused on the research and development and production of e-liquid, rapidly developed into the top global e-liquid OEM manufacturer, providing high-quality e-liquid products for many well-known e-liquid brands all over the world.

With modern international standard factory, pharmaceutical grade dust-free workshop and assembly line, FEELLiFE make sure every bottle of e-liquid to meet the requirements of high quality.

1 Feellife USA Feellife 10ml nicotineFlavorless(no flavor) E LIQUID for electronical cigarettes strength12mg from tobacco series


 Factory Address:  202 North California Ave, City of Industry CA 91744 U.S.A.

China factory

 2 Feellife China Factory Feellife 30ml nicotine  Flavorless(no flavor)  E juice strength12mg for ecigs from tobacco series




3 Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine  Flavorless(no flavor)  E LIQUID strength 8mg for disposable cigarettes from tobacco series E JUICE4 Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine  Flavorless(no flavor)  E juice strength 18mg from tobacco series5 Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine  Flavorless(no flavor) E juice strength 16mg from tobacco series6 Feellife Exhibition Feellife 30ml nicotine  Flavorless(no flavor)  E juice strength 24mg from tobacco series


Industry News

Recent Study Compares the Reward Value of Vaping and Smoking

 vaping-eliquid8 Flavorless(no flavor) eliquid

The study which was published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research last week, was carried out by assessing the responses of fifty-four dual users, therefore participants who use both e-cigarettes and the regular combustible kind. The researchers used the Choice-Behavior-Under-Cued-Conditions (CBUCC) procedure, to examine cue-specific reactions to tobacco and e-cigarettes with a primary focus on evaluating the relative reward value of both.

The participants were exposed to a lit tobacco cigarette, their own e-cigarette, or a cup of water across multiple trials. In each trial, they were asked to rate their craving for all three items and indicate the amount of money they would be willing to spend to have access access to them. “Key measures included craving, amount of money spent to access the cue, latency to access the cue, spending choice time, and consumption.” highlighted the study Abstract.

The data collected indicated that the respondents craved cigarettes and e-cigarettes more than water and would spend significantly more on them. Interestingly the participants displayed the same level of cue-specific craving towards cigarettes and e-cigarettes, however they were willing to spend significantly more to have access to cigarettes than to e-cigarettes.

“Overall, the data suggest that e-cigarette puffs are less valued and generate less craving than tobacco cigarette puffs for dual users,” concluded the study.


PATH study had indicated that e-cigs are less addictive

In line with this, data released in 2017 by researchers from Penn State College of Medicine, had indicated that vapers are less dependent on their electronic devices, than smokers are on combustible cigarettes.

The study which was funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Center for Tobacco Products, consisted of an ongoing national survey of tobacco use of over 30,000 participants comprised of both young and mature adults.

The research had indicated that vapers tend to use their products later in the morning after waking up, in comparison to smokers. Additionally vapers were also found to have less cravings, found it easier to refrain from using the products in restricted areas, and were less likely to consider themselves as addicts.

from vapingpost.com


Post time: Jul-19-2018

Why vaping is on the rise

Vape_Cloud Flavorless(no flavor) ejuice

Use of e-cigarettes, known as vaping

The use of e-cigarettes, known as vaping, is on the rise. Silicon Valley e-cigarette start-up Juul Labs made news recently by raising $650 mn as part of an investment round aimed at $1.25 bn. Here’s a look at vaping:WHY E-CIG E-cigarettes are batterypowered devices that vaporise a liquid solution, creating an aerosol that is inhaled, simulating the feeling of smoking. Is this a better alternative than cigarettes? The jury is still out. But remember that e-cigarettes have nicotine and/or other chemicals. Besides, the long-term effects of vaping are not yet clear.INSIDE AN E-CIG E-cigarettes convert liquid nicotine into a mist for inhalation. 

Tightening the noose

95% of e-cigs are manufactured in China, the biggest tobacco market. Governments across the world are constantly changing their rules about vaping based on new information In India Sale & manufacture of vaping products banned in Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar, Karnataka, Punjab, Maharashtra and Kerala Banned in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Oman, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE Impact on teens. Teens are more likely to use e-cigarettes than cigarettes, says US-based National Institute of Drug Abuse. 30.7% of e-cig users started smoking cigarettes within 6 months.

What happens in normal cigarettes

When cigarette burns, combustion changes the chemicals in it. There are more than 2,500 chemicals in tobacco. During combustion, these are transformed into more than 4,000 chemicals, over 70 of which are carcinogenic. When a conventional.

Removable battery

Battery can be removed
Box mods A range of tanks can be attached, large internal batteries can change wattage output Variable temperature Temperature can be changed, helps prevent premature burning of atomisers.

Impact on teens

Teens are more likely to use e-cigarettes than cigarettes, says US-based National Institute of Drug Abuse. 30.7% of e-cig users started smoking cigarettes within 6 months.

Cartridge system

Refilling possible; heating element can be changed & battery is rechargeable.

How the fire was lit

1963: Herbert Gilbert files for a patent on smokeless tobacco cigarette, which uses a heating element to create a warm vapour 1990s: Numerous people and organisations file patents for nicotine inhaler devices 2003: Commercial e-cigarette developed in Beijing by Hon Lik, a 52-yearold pharmacist2006: E-cigarettes introduced to Europe 2006-07: E-cigarettes introduced to the US 2008: WHO says it does not consider e-cigarette a legitimate smoking cessation aid2009: FDA discourages use of e-cigarettes 2010: First Vape Fest, a get-together of vapers, is held in the UK 2013: European Union rejects a wholesale ban on the sale of ecigarettes, saying it should be regulated 2018: Singapore joins list of nations to ban sale, use and possession of e-cigs.

from economictimes.indiatimes.com


Post time: Jul-23-2018


Vaping Helps Smokers Quit – Even If They Don’t Want To

e-cigarette Flavorless(no flavor) vape juice

A new study shows that smokers who switch to nicotine vapor alternatives(e.g. e-cigarettes or iQOS) may be better able to stay smoke-free in the long term – even if they didn’t set out to quit smoking. 

And that even people who didn’t want to stop smoking have eventually quit because they found vaping more enjoyable.  E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which is the addictive component of cigarettes also, but it’s toxic chemicals in smoke that cause the harms of smoking. That is why e-cigarettes have caught on as an aid to help people quit smoking for good, whereas patches and gums are only effective for about 10 percent. 

“E-cigarettes are at least 95 per cent less harmful than tobacco smoking, and they are now the most popular aid to quitting smoking in the UK,” said lead author Dr. Caitlin Notley from University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School. “However, the idea of using e-cigarettes to stop smoking, and particularly long-term use, remains controversial. We wanted to find out about how people use e-cigarettes to quit smoking – and whether vaping supports long-term smoking abstinence.”

“These were our accidental quitters,” said Notley. “They hadn’t intended to quit smoking and had tried vaping on a whim, or because they had been offered it by friends. They went on to like it, and only then saw it as a potential substitute for smoking. Many people talked about how they saw vaping was a no pressure approach to quitting,” she added.

While most of the group switched quickly and completely from smoking to vaping, some found themselves using both cigarettes and vaping, and then stopped smoking.

“We found that people did occasionally relapse with a cigarette, mainly due to social or emotional reasons, but it didn’t necessarily lead to a full relapse. This study suggests that vaping is a viable long-term substitute for smoking, with substantial implications for tobacco harm reduction,” concluded Notley.

from science20.com


Post time: Jul-24-2018

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